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Good movie to watch
Good movie to watch

Choosing a good movie to watch


Watching movies is one way of reducing stress and being able to relax, whether you want to spend some time alone or with your loved ones by your side. However, some of us had experienced being completely stressed out after watching a poorly-made movie that had just added stress instead of reducing it. To avoid this from happening, it is important to choose a good movie to watch first. The one that would be worth spending the next 2 hours of your life and sitting back in your sofa while enjoying the movie.


Choosing the type of movie that you’d want to watch


Personally, people have different tastes, likes and dislikes when it comes to movies even books. There are certain genres that you’d want to watch and there are others that you’ll just ignore. For example, you prefer horror movies than romantic comedy films then avoid browsing on romance movies that doesn’t suit your taste. Decide on what type you’d want to watch.


Do a little research


There are lots of websites such as Rotten Tomatoes that could help you find movies that you’d love to watch. Internet is the best tool to use when looking for movies. Of course, do not forget to read some reviews about the movie and see if it’s really worth your time. You could also try talking to your friend who have the same taste as you for any good movies that he could recommend. Movie4k and movie2k are best recommended to do your little research.


Consider the ratings of the movie


Considering the ratings of the movie is one way to determine if you’re going to watch it or not. If you’re into horror movies, of course you can’t find one in PG-rated or G-rated movies. Ratings can vary depending on the country you lived so you should also consider that fact too before deciding to watch or download the movie. If you are going to watch with your kids, make sure that the movie is suitable for them and as much as you’d love to watch horror movies, you should possibly avoid it for their sake.


Make a list


After you’ve done your research, list down the titles of the movie that had catch your attention every now and then. You could list at least 10 movie titles that had catch your attention and when you’re done, check the reviews on each and every movie then you can proceed on choosing the best movie that you think would meet your expectations and standard. Avoid movie with reviews about horrible ending, poor characters and poorly-produced movie, if possible look for a movie with all positive feedbacks only. You can begin to download or watch the movie that you’ve like in high definition. Visit to choose browse for movies that you’d love to watch.




Now that you’ve picked a good movie to watch, all you need to do is to sit back, relax and enjoy the movie with a can of beer and a bowl of popcorn on your side. Enjoy!