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Movie review

Writing a movie review


When writing a movie review, you should determine good points to come up with a good result because that would be basis of the viewers whether to watch the movie or not. You should give crucial details without spoiling the plot or twist of the story; just enough to encourage them watch a certain movie.


Watch and concentrate on the movie


First things first, in order for you to be able to write a review you should watch the movie. Concentrate and avoid distractions as much as possible. You can watch it the second time around to absorb the details and take down notes.


State your comments and opinions


After you’ve watched the movie, give opinions or comments about it. What part of the movie did you like and disliked. Be careful that you do not sound as hateful as you may feel after watching the movie. Just give impartial details about what you think of the movie.


Consider your audience


You also need to consider your audience. Who are your readers? If you were writing a review of a children’s movie, then it would have a much different approach than writing a R-rated movie.


Give the outline only


This is important because you are giving the outline of the story, just the impartial details all the while keeping them interested by not spoiling the plot twists. If there is any big surprise, just say that there is something special that is going to happen. Just don’t state what.


In reviewing a movie, of course you have to look for a good one to provide positive feedbacks. You can visit to start looking for a movie you can review.